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Enchanted Drinks: Welcome to a world of glitter and gold with these stunningly shimmery drinks…

Surely, there’s nothing better than a cold, crisp glass of prosecco…
Well, almost nothing better.
We think adding a little extra shimmer and shine to your glass of bubbly makes for a truly unbeatable experience. And Enchanted Drinks are here to change the drinking game, for good.
Enchanted Drinks are a stunning brand that offers beautifully unique products that help jazz-up your favourite beverages.
From shimmer powders to shimmer syrups, the brand has carefully curated a line of splendidly shimmering products that can be added to drinks to give them an enchanting iridescence… AKA, making them totally Instagram-worthy.

The idea behind Enchanted Drinks came about when Danielle, the brand’s founder, wanted to plan some unique drinks for her birthday. She explains:
“After endlessly searching the internet, I just couldn’t find a flavourless shimmer product for my Prosecco in the right colour.
So, I decided to do some research and realised there was a gap in the market. I was working as a waitress at the time, and I desperately wanted to give this new idea a go.”
Strapped for cash, Danielle borrowed £50 from her mum to order some sample bottles.
Within a week of launch, a video from Enchanted Drinks was reposted by a large clothing company. Overnight, the brand went viral.
Within a matter of days, demand for Enchanted Drinks products went through the roof, and Danielle and her whole family were working around the clock to keep track of the orders.
Within their first month of trading, the brand had turned over a whopping £10,000. Danielle reminiscences on this exciting time for her business:
“Turning over £10,000 in our first month of trading was more than I could have ever even imagined. I was just hoping for a £50 profit so I could pay my mum back! We were all completely shocked.”
Danielle decided to leave her job as a waitress and focus on building up Enchanted Drinks, full-time. Having a background in art, Danielle was keen to inject even more passion and creativity into her brand. She says:
“There was just nothing else out there like ours. It was very new, and people hadn’t seen it before which increased curiosity and built our following.”

Enchanted Drinks was first run from Danielle's small house and quickly the boxes and boxes of products, packaging and all other items started to completely fill the house! After the hectic and busy Christmas rush, Danielle moved to a small office. As the business expanded tenfold, Danielle's brother, Liam, decided to also come on board to help run the business and left his job as an accountant, bringing all his skills with him too. 

Danielle's Dad, Steve, also left his job to help with everything in the office as there was just too much to do! 

Fast-forward over four years later, and business is still booming for Enchanted Drinks, and their product range has expanded even further. We have expanded each year into bigger and bigger offices within the building and also always need additional storage units for the busy Christmas period!

Enchanted Drinks are incredibly lucky to also now employ 2 fabulous assistants, Amelia and Libby who help run the every day aspects of the business.

Some of their best-selling products are their gorgeously thoughtful gift boxes. Their ‘Happy Birthday Box’ is especially popular and includes a mini bottle of alcohol, a mixer, a delicious shimmer syrup, a shimmer powder, a Birthday Cake scented candle, 2 Rose Gold paper straws and a mini cake- with prices starting at just £19.99!
The boxes are all customisable, which means you can select the colours and flavours your loved ones will enjoy the best!
Some of the brands other best sellers include their bespoke Pamper Packs which include the gorgeous drinks with lovely self-care extras, like face masks and bath bombs!
The brand also launch a range of new flavours of Shimmer Syrups for Christmas every year.

Enchanted Drinks are truly the go-to brand for delightful drinks and unique gifting options.

You can shop their products and learn more about the brand here: https://www.enchanteddrinks.co.uk/