Corporate Orders

We are now offering bespoke corporate orders for all budgets and sizes. 
Whether its a reward for a completed project, a Christmas present, a Halloween treat or just a thank you for hard work. We can offer the perfect staff gifts for any occasion.
Due to Covid-19 the workplace has changed over the past year. Instead of a Christmas party why not send all the staff a little Christmas goodie box? Having a Zoom party for a completed project why not all celebrate with a little drink from home?
We can send each gift straight to every staff members home with personalised notes and boxes.
We have now completed many corporate orders for Thank you's, Halloween presents and Christmas treats.
You can choose a budget and we can create something suitable. You can give your staff members a budget and let them shop online for themselves or you can design the gifts yourself and we can send them out directly to their homes.

 To find out how we can help make your workforce's efforts feel appreciated send us an email