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5 Ways to Reuse Our Drink Pouches

, by Larisa Atkin, 1 min reading time

Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Drink Pouches. If you have had the enjoyment of trying any of our Cocktail Kits, or if you are a member of our Monthly Cocktail Club - you will have used our pre-measured drink pouches to create your cocktails. 

Since we have product quality standards we have to meet we aren't able to use an alternative product to store our measured ingredients in. This is why we want to help you find new, imaginative ways to reuse our drink pouches so they are more enviromentally friendly. 

Have you tried any of these? Tag us in any pictures of your repurposed pouches!

1. DIY Drink Pouches:
Probably the most obvious one...but YES. You can reuse them for exactly what they are created for. Fill them up with your favourite spirit or cocktail and you're all sorted! Perfect for picnics, beach outings, festivals and more. 

2. Freeze and Chill:
Pour water into the pouches, seal them up, and toss them in the freezer. These frozen pouches can then be used as ice packs in your cooler or lunch bag, keeping your snacks and drinks cool without the mess of melting ice.

3. Herb-infused Oils and Vinegars:
Transform your plastic drink pouches into practical containers for homemade herb-infused oils and vinegars. This not only helps to create more space in your kitchen but also allows you to experiment with unique flavor combinations.

4. Refillable Seed Dispenser:
Instead of buying bags of chia seeds, flax seeds etc. Simply take your pouches to a eco-shop and refill them with your choosen products. They're the perfect for portion control, and you'll be contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

5. Travel-Friendly Toiletry Containers:
Heading out on a trip? Have a holiday booked? Use our drink pouches as leak-proof containers for your shampoo, conditioner, or other toiletries. Their compact size makes them travel friendly, and you won't have to worry about spills in your suitcase.

So, sip, save, and savor the joy of repurposing – one drink pouch at a time! Cheers to a more sustainable and imaginative future.



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