Become an Enchanted Drinks Influencer!

As a small business with a large social media following, we are always asked by influencers for collaborations, free products or for affiliate codes. But we wanted to change things up a little! 

Why should just these full time influencers get free products and cash for referrals?! 

We have set up an affiliate scheme to allow our customers and people who love our products the chance to earn up to 20% commission on sales when their link is used to refer to our website! 

As well as receiving 20% commission we will also be sending out free products as you earn too for you to use to promote our brand meaning more referrals and more commission for you and more sales for us which is a win win! 

There is absolutely no cost involved in signing up and you can leave whenever you like! 

If you fancy earning some more money on the run up to Christmas and beyond, Head over to our page to sign up:

If you want to know any additional information please don't hesitate to contact us!

Always remember to follow the Advertising Guidelines when posting Affiliate Links such as #AFF or #AFFILIATE #AD for more information visit here