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The Cocktail Subscription Kit You Want and Need!

, by Danielle Makinson, 4 min reading time

Cocktail Subscription Box
A gift from you; to you. Enjoy the luxury of a new, complete cocktail kit, delivered to your door every month. Whether you’re a cocktail fanatic, or looking to try some new flavours, our monthly subscription is the perfect way to enjoy all things Enchanted Drinks. 
How does it work? 
Choose from either our 3, 6 or 12 month subscription box. Follow our Social Media channels to keep up to date with upcoming cocktail reveals. Each month, a full kit will be delivered to your door, with enough to serve 2 people, ready to make and shake your perfect drink. 
Don’t have a shaker? Check out our accessories to buy your own shaker kit. 
Don’t worry, if you do make the decision to take a break from your cocktail boxes, you can cancel for free any time if you have the 3 or 6 month subscription or if you have the 12 month subscription you can cancel anytime after 3 months - You can also pause and skip months whenever you want. 
Why us? 
If you don’t already know who we are, we’re a family-run small business, with the aim of enhancing your drink experience. From ‘all things glitter’ to flavour combinations you can’t put down, Enchanted Drinks is here to make your life that little more glamorous. 
Apart from being an award-winning gift company, our biggest achievement is the care and attention we provide to both our products and our customers. We’re a loving and appreciative business whose biggest goal is to exceed expectations. 
How much is it? 
Our fully equipped cocktail kits are £20 a month if you opt for the 3 or 6-month subscription. If you are a super dedicated customer and decide to go for the 12-month subscription, we will offer you a 5% discount, making it £19 a month.
We would love to be able to offer our products at the cheapest price possible, but being a small business means we do everything ourselves. Extra time, extra effort and extra care are taken to create our products, than that of a larger company. We may not be the cheapest option, but we hope to prove we are the best one. 
We offer FREE delivery on all boxes in our Subscription! 
What to try before you buy? 
We know a subscription means more of a commitment, which is why we also offer some additional cocktail kits able to be bought individually from our site.
You don’t have to simply take our word for it when it comes to our products, choose any of the cocktail kits below to give it a go before you sign up. 
Our Cocktail Boxes are exclusive to our subscription box and we can’t promise they will be available to buy at a later date. Even more of a reason to sign up! 
View Cocktail Kits here
Ready to sign up? Get started today by clicking ‘get started’ below. We can’t wait for you to join the Enchanted Drinks family. 

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